Beyond Clean

We go beyond clean. 

Maintaining your facility in a responsible way involves more than just making it look clean. 
Not only will your building sparkle, we go deeper and provide you with service that gives you confidence and satisfaction. 
We value the safety of your building,  the health of the environment and the dignity of our team members. 

We offer: 

  • Chain of accountability – Our operational structure has overlapping levels of accountability to insure that all work is performed to the highest standards. 
  • Color-Coded Quadrant System – This innovation of revolving duties makes sure that all periodic tasks are completed consistently. The smallest details are taken care of. 
  • Communication – You will have up to 3 points of contact within our company to cover any questions or concerns you might have. 
  • Disinfecting – Our hydrogen peroxide cleaners are biodegradable and not only remove dirt and grime but they disinfect as well. 
  • Green Cleaning – We use environmentally friendly cleaning principals and chemicals. 
  • Color-Coded anti-microbial mops and wipers – This eliminates cross contamination between restrooms, dining areas and work spaces.
  • Assurance – The crew members that will clean you facility are our employees – not  subcontractors. They are carefully vetted and trained, and covered by all required insurance, federal and state regulations. 

We’re not just a cleaning company.

We’re partners helping you accomplish your mission seamlessly. 

Overlapping Layers of Accountability

Our innovative operating structure involves four levels of supervision.

  • Working Supervisor
  • Auditor
  • Regional Manger
  • General Manager

Each job has a designated, real-time working supervisor. Auditors make random, periodic daytime inspections. A regional manager and the general manager coordinate to insure that your facility is spotless.

Princeton Jan Serve can provide a comprehensive cleaning plan for any size facility or budget.

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